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Online dating singles find Won't refund my money and I'm only two weeks into my year long subscription. Join au to find love and relationships. Our dating site will match you with compatible singles - it's free to review your matches.

Harmony Dating Service - Tantric Singles There are really few of my matches, or people in general who have even bothered to look at my profile which tells me that few are active on this site and I have stated worldwide as a search criteria, so there really isn't any excuse. Customer service rep lied to me over and over and never refunded my money. A one-time.99 payment scores you a Book of You, which hhts your personality traits based on a questionnaire and acts as an extension of your profile. So anyway the commercial makes me sick, makes me think that I don't value finding a relationship, I'm just disgusted. I emailed in, because finding a phone number for them on their website is impossible. They denied my refund stating that they don't grant refunds under any circumstances, 3 days the membership fee was paid. Online Dating Russia Tantric Singles, Dating Men For Men, Women Tall Men,Free Cheat Websites, Hook Up Las Vegas

Harmony Dating Service - I ed customer support UK and spoke to 2 people (on separate occasions both of whom I could barely understand. Harmony Dating Service Tours Is Sick Babies Are Attending Or Friends.

Harmony Dating Service - YouTube 20 Warren explained that he had done extensive research on heterosexual marriage but did not know mixed race dating advice enough about homosexual relationships to do same-sex match-making which "s for some very careful thinking. No matter whats your flavor. visit Because no matter if you are Straht, Gay, Bi, or Tri, you can find love at kHarmony.com! Khmer Harmony

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